Destination Race - Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series

Doing a race can be nerve wrecking enough, adding travel to the mix is another layer of stress. I have done a destination race before, this however was my first flight to a destination race. With that being said I wanted to be prepared.


  1. Pack a tried and true race day outfit

  2. Remember all your charging devices

  3. Always bring your race fuel (Gu, Jelly Beans) and favorite race water bottle gear

Pack List:

  • Shirt

  • Bottoms

  • Running socks

  • Sneakers

  • Undergarments

  • Hat and/or headband

  • Water bottle gear

  • Energy Gu, Waffles or Jelly Beans

  • Watch Garmin, Apple Watch, FitBit etc.

  • Cell phone

  • Earbuds

Day before race: 

  • Lay out race outfit to make sure you remembered everything

  • Hydrate hydrate hydrate

  • Pick-up bib

  • Triple check your devices are plugged in, before turning in, makes for a stressful race day if your devices aren't charged

Day of race:

  • Plan enough time to get to the race 45 min. prior to start

  • Eat properly

  • Put your gear on

  • Put your devices on

  • Grab your water bottle and energy supplements

  • Head to the race

  • Stretch

  • Use the bathroom

  • Walk to start area

  • Have a fun race!!!!! ❤️


Race Review:

The Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series was a cool experience. 4 out of 5 stars easily. I did the 10k (6.2 miles).

Sharons stats 2018
Built in street reflectors

The racecourse got me before I even reached the start line. I fell on the in built-in road street reflectors. It was a small blessing it happened right away, to make me aware of them. I unfortunately saw a few others fall 😢. The route had entertainment which was fun and took your mind off the miles ahead. We ran through Old Las Vegas, the street where most of the wedding venues are and then the Las Vegas Strip itself. Kudos to law enforcement and race organizers on keeping traffic and tourists corralled for us. 

Race bib and 10k medal


  • Personalized bibs

  • Cool medal

  • Nice tech shirt

  • Epic course

  • After race refreshments


  • With Vegas strip being closed it was difficult to get to the start and then back to your hotel (prepare by training 3 miles over your race distance-wish I would have known) after the race

  • 5k the night before, better if everything was the same day

  • Some dark spots on the course since it’s an evening race, temp street lights were needed

Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Series

Have you run the Las Vegas Marathon Series? What were your likes and dislikes?