Get Over Your Fear Of The Word “No”


Don’t be hesitant or fearful of the word “No”. If you ever expect to better yourself, your life or your situation you will need to ask people for favors and help along the way. Once you determine what you need, then identify who can help. Plan a clear and concise pitch or elevator speech. Prepare a couple of “what is in it for them” items to entice them to say “Yes”.


If your pitch or request is shot down, ask for specific and constructive feedback. Thank the person and/or establishment for their time. Work out the kinks and when (and if) it’s appropriate ask a second time. If the “No” was valid and genuine the recipient of your initial request will be happy and relieved to redeem their initial “No” and make it an excited “Yes”! 


It’s ok to THINK BIG and GO FOR IT!!!