Ways to Challenge Yourself to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Do You Challenge Yourself To Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone? A scary and uncomfortable thought right? 


Suggestions On How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Take a class or continuing your education…  

As an adult it can be nerve wrecking to decide whether or not to go back to school. Will I have the time to give it my all when my life is so busy with work and family? Will I be able to keep up with the subject matter and will the technology intimidate me? I am heading back myself and as I worry, I am also excited to get out of my comfort zone and start towards a new accomplishment. Check out Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers Ph.D for more on this topic.

Try hitting a restaurant solo vs. take-out…

Head to a cool restaurant with a comfy low key bar and enjoy a meal. Whether you chat with the bartender or a friendly patron enjoy the fact that you are out and about sending good vibes and hopefully receiving soon in return. I have been been taking myself out once or twice a month since my divorce, for over 5 years now!

Making a new friend totally different from your typical friendships…

It’s very cool to make a new friend no matter if you 7 or 47. New friends bring new outlooks and perspective to your life. We all change and evolve, it is a good thing to make new friends and connections that compliment where you are in life and/or where you want to be in life. Author Rachel Hollis talks about this in her latest book Girl Stop Apologizing.   

Changing mindsets on spending money…

Whether you are a spend-thrift or penny-wise with your money, challenge yourself to think differently.I used to live in the moment when it came to money spending on whims, never having a long range plan with money. As the head of household now I have an emergency fund that gives me as much pride as having the latest Gucci bag did. Recently I have found joy in the change of scenery travel provides, which has taken me from my spending on a whim ways, because you have to save to travel. To achieve my new money goals I had to think differently and leave my comfort zone.


Start small, take 1 step out of your comfort zone a month, then try every other week, then weekly, then daily and then ultimately whenever the situation arises. Comment below on ways you venture out of your comfort zone.