Looking at Fitness as a Friendship

Looking at fitness as a friendship may sound a bit odd but hear me out. Fitness can be the friend that always makes us feel good about ourselves. And that friend that is always available when actual friends aren't free to hang out.

My Story

During my first diet in the 90’s I started walking 30 minutes a day and it aided in my weight loss. Once I was in all my new clothes and enjoying life, I didn’t think I needed the diet or the walk. Of course I was wrong and the weight came back. Once I made it back to fitness 6 years ago, I look at exercise separate from weight loss, that’s when fitness turned into a friendship. And maintaining a healthy active lifestyle was much easier!

How You Benefit From The Fitness Friendship

Fitness can tie into other interests like reading, get the audio book version of a book you have been dying to read. The alone time of a solo workout may be the game changer that gets you back to “reading”. Or if music is your thing build a killer playlist to keep you motivated and hyped through your workout. In my case I love clothes, so I love assembling cool workout gear, (who knows maybe I will run into Mr. Right LOL) so that is a motivator for me. Once the workout is complete you have that wonderful sense of accomplishment, the endorphins are kicking in, giving you the amazing feelings of euphoria and general well-being, similar to the same feelings we feel after hanging out with a good friend!

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