My Favorite Runner Resources

In 2016 when I learned run I had the support of the beginner run group program I joined. In 2017 I joined the parent run club to the program that taught me run and I ran several of the races in my year of running a race per month in 2017 with that run club. In 2018 my schedule started to fill up with this blog and with adding bike group dates (did very little biking in 2017) to my week. I am also working on my big 2018 goal of simplifying my life. In a effort to simplify I decided to stop attending mid-week running club. My one-way 40 minute commute is too unpredictable to add the stress of getting back to the area for run club. I live and work near plenty of bike paths and safe street routes not to leverage the convenience. Shortly into this decision, I missed the fellowship and community feeling of run club and started looking for runner support. See below for my favorites so far. 


I was familiar with Podcasts (nice break from the radio during my monster commute) and I was trying to find some new ones to follow this year, while searching I found Not Your Average Runner with Jill Angie and Let's RUN with Pahla B Fitness. Both hosts are very down to earth and set realistic goals. After listening for awhile both hosts talked about the other support they offer and I explored all the options.

The running website's offer more details about the coaches and supporting articles on their style. The Facebook Groups provides faces to the community of runners who also enjoy the same coaches, as well as the ability to interact, post races, race photos, chat about gear purchases etc. Books and magazines give you insight on new products, best ways to avoid injury, races and sometimes even discounts to upcoming races. 

All though running with my run buddies is my favorite, I have established a few ways to stay connected to the sport of running during the week. I am grateful for the time and the energy these outlets put into supporting me as a runner. 

Please feel free to comment below on resources you find helpful in your running or fitness journey.