2019 Listening Book Club

2019 List

Listening Book Club

I had the pleasure of listening to 95 books last year (2018) and I have listened to 69 so far this year. I listen for free mostly with OverDrive, the free audio book service that is teamed up with several local libraries. I added Audible to my budget this year with the Romance Package. I will easily make me Goodreads Book Challenge of 100 books and will complete Edel Pace’s 2019 Reading Challenge * with the 3 ways I source audiobooks. .

2019 Book Collaborations

Inthethickofitblog.com rating legend:

5-stars Loved, loved, loved it, unique topic/story and dynamic narration

4-stars Good story and it had good narrator(s)

3-stars Average topic/story and it had good narrator(s)

I won’t have any lower ratings, when I sense a book is not for me I give up on it, life is to short to grunt your way through a book that isn’t for you. ;)

| Reading Now |

How To Stop Feeling Like Shit by Andrea Owen

The Chef by James Patterson

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

Feel free to follow along, to comment and to recommend books

2019 List

Kulti 5-stars

How To Be A Bawse 5-stars

*Secondhand Time 4-stars

*The GoldFinch 5-stars

*Secret Historian 4-stars

Night Tiger 4-stars

Verity 5-stars

 The Good Girl 5-stars

*Providence 5-stars

*Sing, Unburied Sing  4-stars

The Hermit and the Hooker 5-stars

Opposite of Always 5-stars

The Silent Wife 5-stars

*I Was Told There Would Be Cake 5-stars

The Build Framework  5-stars

*Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green 3-stars

*Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory 5-stars

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do 5-stars

Sex, Lies and Online Dating 4-stars

Every Fifteen Minutes 5-stars

*My Lovely Wife 5-stars

*Woman of the Ashes 4-stars

*The Substitute Wife 5-stars

*The Day of the Martian 4-stars

*Elephants Can Remember 5-stars

12 Hours of Daylight - a Jason Jules Novella 5-stars

The Power of Now 5-stars

*Lawfully Pursued 5-stars

*Girl Stop Apologizing 5-stars

*From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess 4-stars

*The Power of Now 5-stars

Capture 5-stars

*The Breakdown 5-stars

*Second Chances 5-stars 

*Burn for Burn 4-stars

*My Sister’s Keeper 5-stars

*Nine Perfect Strangers 5-stars

Hardcore Twenty-Four 3-stars

Private Games 5-stars

Heat 4-stars

*Still Alice 5-stars

Attraction 5-stars

*Meddling Kids 4-stars

*On The Come Up 5-stars

*The Power of Habit 4-stars

*Small Great Things 5-stars

*Maybe You Never Cry Again 4-stars

Private: Suspect #1 4-stars

*Spark of Light 5-stars

*Private 5-stars

Arsen 3-stars

The Gifts of Imperfection 4-stars

Bring Me Back 4-stars

*Hidden Bodies 5-stars

Behind Closed Doors 5-stars

Brave (Book 3 of 3) 3-stars

*Circe 4-stars

*Call of the Wild 5-stars

*Becoming 5-stars

You Do You 5-stars

*I  Am, I Am, I Am 3-stars

Torn (Book 2 of 3) 5-stars

*Mister Bodyguard 5-stars

*Juror #3 5-stars

*The Power Playbook 5-stars

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway 5-stars

*You are a Badass 5-stars

*Wicked (Book 1 of 3) 5-stars

The French Girl 5-stars


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OverDrive or LibbyByOverdrive

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