2018 - 2019 Listening Book Club

2018-2019 List

Listening Book Club

I had the pleasure of listening to 95 books last year (2018). I listened for free mostly with OverDrive, the free audio book service that is teamed up with several local libraries and some through Audible. Feel free to follow along, to comment and to recommend books.

2019 Book Collaborations

Inthethickofitblog.com rating legend:

5-stars Loved, loved, loved it, unique topic/story and dynamic narration

4-stars Good story and it had good narrator(s)

3-stars Average topic/story and it had good narrator(s)

I won’t have any lower ratings, when I sense a book is not for me I give up on it, life is to short to grunt your way through a book that isn’t for you. ;)

| Reading Now |

Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson

Lawfully Pursued by Lorana Hoopes

Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

2019 List

*From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess 4-stars

*The Power of Now 5-stars

Capture 5-stars

*The Breakdown 5-stars

*Burn for Burn 4-stars

*My Sister’s Keeper 5-stars

*Nine Perfect Strangers 5-stars

Hardcore Twenty-Four 3-stars

Private Games 5-stars

Heat 4-stars

*Still Alice 5-stars

Attraction 5-stars

*Meddling Kids 4-stars

*One The Come Up 5-stars

*The Power of Habit 4-stars

*Small Great Things 5-stars

*Maybe You Never Cry Again 4-stars

Private: Suspect #1 4-stars

*Spark of Light 5-stars

*Private 5-stars

Arsen 3-stars

The Gifts of Imperfection 4-stars

Bring Me Back 4-stars

*Hidden Bodies 5-stars

Behind Closed Doors 5-stars

Brave (Book 3 of 3) 3-stars

*Circe 4-stars

*Call of the Wild 5-stars

*Becoming 5-stars

You Do You 5-stars

*I Am, I Am, I Am 3-stars

Torn (Book 2 of 3) 5-stars

*Mister Bodyguard 5-stars

*Juror #3 5-stars

*The Power Playbook 5-stars

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway 5-stars

*You are a Badass 5-stars

*Wicked (Book 1 of 3) 5-stars

The French Girl 5-stars

2018 List

Turbo Twenty-Three 3 stars

The Five Love Languages - Singles Edition 4-stars

Twenties Girl 5-stars

YOU 5-stars

Roomies 5-stars

Worst Date Ever 4-stars

Misadventures of a City Girl 3-stars

A Beautiful Work In Progress 3-stars

Tricky Twenty-Two 3-stars

Smart Girl 4-stars

Sweet Girl 4-stars

Party Girl 4-stars

Cruel Prince 4-stars

Truly Madly Guilty 5-stars

Triptych 5-stars

Stranger In the House 5-stars

The Couple Next Door 5-stars

The Husband’s Secret 5-stars

Top Secret Twenty-One 3-stars

The Sun Does Shine 4-stars

Heartburn 4-stars

Happily Ever After-Novella 3-stars

The Crown : The Selection Book 5 5-stars

The Heir : The Selection Book 4 5-stars

The One : The Selection Book 3 5-stars

The Elite : The Selection Book 2 4-stars

The Selection : The Selection Book 1 4-stars

A Simple Favor 5-stars

The Towering Sky 5-stars

The President Is Missing 5-stars

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea 3-stars

The Last Black Unicorn 3-stars

An Invisible Thread 5-stars

12 Rules of Life 4-stars

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest 4-stars

The Girl Who Played With Fire 4-stars

Recovery 4-stars

Sweetbitter 3-stars

We're Going to Need More Wine 5-stars

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 5-stars

Dry 4-stars

Year of Yes 5-stars

Takedown Twenty 4-stars

The Dinner 5-stars

Notorious Nineteen 4-stars

A New Model 4-stars

The Hate U Give 5-stars

Explosive Eighteen 4-stars

Smokin' Seventeen 4-stars

Womenomics 4-stars

Sizzling Sixteen 4-stars

UNSLUT - A Diary and Memoir 4-stars

Finger Lickin' Fifteen 4-stars

Fearless Fourteen 4-stars

Adventures for Your Soul 4-stars

Lean Mean Thirteen 4-stars

Twelve Sharp 4-stars

The Sun is Also A Star 5-stars

Eleven On Top 4-stars

Ten Big Ones 4-stars

Lone Wolf4-stars

Girl Wash Your Face 5-stars

Leaving Time 5-stars

The Dazzling Heights 5-stars

The Thousandth Floor 5-stars

See Me 4-stars

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows 4-stars

This Is Me 4-stars

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine 5-stars

To the Nines 4-stars

It Was Me All Along 5-stars

Hard Eight 4-stars

Seven Up 4-stars

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls 4-stars

Curious Minds 3-stars

Wicked Appetite 3-stars

Little Monsters 4-stars

Hot Six 4-stars

Amanda Wakes Up 4-stars

New England White 4-stars

The Harlem Charade 4-stars

Eat Only When You’re Hungry 4-stars

A Map for Wrecked Girls 4-stars

Big Magic 5-stars

Nine Woman, One Dress 5-stars

Around the Way Girl 5-stars

Eat, Pray, Love 5-stars

The Devil Wears Prada 5-stars

Left Drowning 5-stars

The Silver Lining Playbook 5-stars

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl 3-stars

The Waning Light4-stars

The Girl on the Train 5-stars

The Shack 5-stars

Dirty Chick 4-stars

Running Like A Girl 4-stars

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