2018 Listening Book Club

2018 Audiobook List

Listening Book Club

I had the pleasure of listening to 95 books last year (2018) and I have listened to 61 so far this year. I listen for free mostly with OverDrive, the free audio book service that is teamed up with several local libraries.

Inthethickofitblog.com rating legend:

5-stars Loved, loved, loved it, unique topic/story and dynamic narration

4-stars Good story and it had good narrator(s)

3-stars Average topic/story and it had good narrator(s)

I won’t have any lower ratings, when I sense a book is not for me I give up on it, life is to short to grunt your way through a book that isn’t for you. ;)

2018 List

Turbo Twenty-Three 3 stars

The Five Love Languages - Singles Edition 4-stars

Twenties Girl 5-stars

YOU 5-stars

Roomies 5-stars

Worst Date Ever 4-stars

Misadventures of a City Girl 3-stars

A Beautiful Work In Progress 3-stars

Tricky Twenty-Two 3-stars

Smart Girl 4-stars

Sweet Girl 4-stars

Party Girl 4-stars

Cruel Prince 4-stars

Truly Madly Guilty 5-stars

Triptych 5-stars

Stranger In the House 5-stars

The Couple Next Door 5-stars

The Husband’s Secret 5-stars

Top Secret Twenty-One 3-stars

The Sun Does Shine 4-stars

Heartburn 4-stars

Happily Ever After-Novella 3-stars

The Crown : The Selection Book 5 5-stars

The Heir : The Selection Book 4 5-stars

The One : The Selection Book 3 5-stars

The Elite : The Selection Book 2 4-stars

The Selection : The Selection Book 1 4-stars

A Simple Favor 5-stars

The Towering Sky 5-stars

The President Is Missing 5-stars

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea 3-stars

The Last Black Unicorn 3-stars

An Invisible Thread 5-stars

12 Rules of Life 4-stars

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest 4-stars

The Girl Who Played With Fire 4-stars

Recovery 4-stars

Sweetbitter 3-stars

We're Going to Need More Wine 5-stars

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 5-stars

Dry 4-stars

Year of Yes 5-stars

Takedown Twenty  4-stars

The Dinner 5-stars

Notorious Nineteen  4-stars

A New Model  4-stars

The Hate U Give 5-stars

Explosive Eighteen  4-stars

Smokin' Seventeen 4-stars

Womenomics 4-stars

Sizzling Sixteen 4-stars

UNSLUT - A Diary and Memoir 4-stars

Finger Lickin' Fifteen 4-stars

Fearless Fourteen 4-stars

Adventures for Your Soul 4-stars

Lean Mean Thirteen 4-stars

Twelve Sharp 4-stars

The Sun is Also A Star 5-stars

Eleven On Top 4-stars

Ten Big Ones 4-stars

Lone Wolf4-stars

Girl Wash Your Face 5-stars

Leaving Time 5-stars

The Dazzling Heights 5-stars

The Thousandth Floor 5-stars

See Me 4-stars

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows 4-stars

This Is Me 4-stars

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine 5-stars

To the Nines 4-stars

It Was Me All Along 5-stars

Hard Eight 4-stars

Seven Up 4-stars

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls 4-stars

Curious Minds 3-stars

Wicked Appetite 3-stars

Little Monsters 4-stars

Hot Six 4-stars

Amanda Wakes Up 4-stars

New England White 4-stars

The Harlem Charade 4-stars

Eat Only When You’re Hungry 4-stars

A Map for Wrecked Girls 4-stars

Big Magic 5-stars

Nine Woman, One Dress 5-stars

Around the Way Girl 5-stars

Eat, Pray, Love 5-stars

The Devil Wears Prada 5-stars

Left Drowning 5-stars

The Silver Lining Playbook 5-stars

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl 3-stars

The Waning Light4-stars

The Girl on the Train 5-stars

The Shack 5-stars

Dirty Chick 4-stars

Running Like A Girl 4-stars

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