Who is Making Moves

I am excited to add a section to my website called

Who is Making Moves 

This section will feature talented and inspiring people; entrepreneurs, moms, dads, fellow bloggers.

Carline Rosemond

Carline is a wife and an attentive working mother to four daughters ages 15, 12, 10 and 8. And if that is not enough to keep her busy, Carline has been my hairstylist for the last 9 years, soon after she finished her training. I followed Carline to her third salon Magic Scissors in Walpole, MA.

Now let’s see how Carline is making moves...


Sharon: How do you build a successful client base?

Carline: I am happy to maintain a persons current style and more than happy to help with a new vision or idea!

Sharon: What motivates you?

Carline: My kids. I want to be a good example to them and to provide for them.

Sharon: How has being a hairstylist affected your family life?

Carline: The schedule is tough always working weekends, however my current salon is closed on Sunday giving me that day with my hubby and girls.

Sharon: How do you stay current on new products and techniques ?

Carline: I am always doing product training and demo’s both online and at hair shows, which unfortunately fall on some Sunday Funday's.

Sharon: What are your top skills?

Carline: Being mom. I am nurturing to my children and to all those I know. I am trained to do all types of hair texture and make sure I am sensitive to my customers needs.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know Carline!


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