Lets Talk About Blog Comments…

Why blog comments important to give and receive.

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The blogger who receives a comment:

Receiving comments on our carefully crafted blog posts, makes us SMILE, they validate our work and they can inspire us for future blog posts. Comments left on our posts, helps to improve our blogs engagement and stat’s. Thoughtful comment responses (from you) lead to organically gaining more blog subscribers. Your readers and subscribers love to see you are an engaged blogger. Add time into your blogging routine to read, like and respond to your comments. If your traffic is slow hit Twitter threads, post your links and engage others in the thread. The Blogging Tribe, All Those Blogs and Blog Buddy Program are a few I participate in.

The reader who leaves a comment:

When we decide to leave a comment for another blogger, it let’s them know we enjoyed their work and had a take away from it. Leaving a comment allows us to show support to our hardworking peers. When commenting leave your blogs url so you can generate traffic to your blog and it also helps your domain authority (DA). When I checked my DA I saw how commenting really helped my DA. And lastly, when we support and reciprocate others we make blogger buddies along the way!

Join me and sign up for the Comment 4 Comment Challenge, hosted by Gayathri of ElgeeWrites.com

How are you doing in this department? Do you engage those who leave you comments? Do you have time scheduled to comment on the blogs you love and follow? Leave your thoughts below.

#BloggingAdvice #BloggerNetworking #BlogCommenting