January 2019 | Who is Making Moves ?


Deandra James

First feature of 2019 is about blogger Deandra James of Black Princess Diaries. Deandra is a college graduate living in Georgia, she loves dogs, music, singing, reading, writing poetry, hanging with friends and the color pink. Deandra is expressing herself in many different ways, she blogs about poetry, life updates, fashion, makeup and book reviews. I adore her Instagram account and am thrilled we could work together. Check out the Q&A we did below.

Sharon: What has been your most satisfying moment as a blogger?

Deandra: I think my most satisfying moment is just making the impact that I've made in such a short time. I get told people love my blog. I'm slowly getting into collaborations with brands. Most importantly, I feel like some of my posts help people and that's all I ask for. That's all I wanted.

Sharon: How did you decide to blog?

Deandra: I originally made my blog specifically for my poetry, but then later decided that I wanted to do more than post poetry. I like to think of myself as a black princess (not in a vain way or anything) but also, I thought it would be cute to put a little twist to the Princess Diaries movie title. Thus, The Black Princess Diaries was born.

Sharon: How do you generate new ideas or goals? 

Deandra: They really just come to me. Sometimes it takes some thinking and I have to sit and think about what I really want or need for myself in the future (near or far). Some ideas come easy and some, not so much. My best ideas come to me without much thought. Just take your time, don't put too much stress on it, and your brain will bless you with a light bulb idea.

Sharon: How long do you stick with an idea or product before giving up? 

Deandra: I am terrible at keeping something going. I don't last long at all. Sometimes a few weeks...sometimes just a few days. That's why I'm so surprised and proud of myself that I didn't give up on my blog and I'm still going strong 5 months in.

Deandra in her signature pink!

Deandra in her signature pink!

Sharon: What motivates you? 

Deandra: I'm going to be honest, It's really hard to motivate me. I have so much motivation around, yet I can't get motivated. The only thing that has motivated me is my blog. My blog motivates me to keep going because I see a bright future ahead with it. I see a business. I see something that I know as I go further into it, will be stressful and make me want to quit sometimes, but in the end something I want to do, which is why I'll never quit.

Deandra modeling a graphic t-shirt and gorgeous pink locks.

Deandra modeling a graphic t-shirt and gorgeous pink locks.

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Best wishes Deandra!