April 2019 | Who is Making Moves ?


Miranda Richey


Miranda is a BLOGGER Currently in Pudongxin, Shanghai, China and ORIGINALLY from Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. She blogs about her adventures, check out her photo galleries, she makes you feel like you were on the adventure with her. MIRANDA'S blog is about travel, food and basically a little bit of everything that crosses her mind.

Sharon: What has been your most satisfying moment with your site?

Miranda: The moment I launched my site, I was thrilled. I am always fulfilled when someone compliments my photography or can relate to a blog post. Being able to write and shoot the things I like is absolutely liberating.

Sharon: How did you decide on your site name?

Miranda:  I decided on my site name by knowing, I wanted my site to reflect my interests, passion and creative endeavors. Essentially, it would be a reflection of myself, so what better way than with my namesake. I reversed my name and added my birth year to create Adnarim93. I love writing, photography and other sorted interests and knew I wanted to do something that encompassed it all; so, I started blogging and offer a variety of creative services as now all in one place.

Sharon: How do you generate new ideas?

Miranda: To generate new ideas, I look to daily inspiration. I am inspired by music, my life experiences, and opportunities to travel. When I find myself in a rut, I try something new spark new ideas. In comparing my current and future dispositions, I like to set attainable goals that mark growth for not only myself but my work.

Sharon: What are your top three skills ?

Miranda: I would say that my top three skills are planning, organization, and creative thinking. For all of my projects and task, I apply diligence and strong work ethic. Bravo 👍

Sharon: What is your greatest fear and how do you manage the fear?

Miranda: My greatest fear, or grave anxiety, is not meeting my vision. I combat this by setting small realistic objectives and celebrating when they are met. Each small achievement is noteworthy and it's important to remember this because it shows I'm moving forward--no matter how slow.

Sharon: What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what have you learned from them?

Miranda: I would say my biggest mistakes, which are actually bad habits, are overthinking and procrastinated. Sometimes the need to accomplish the goal gets overwhelming, so I overthink and because I overthink I get stressed and then procrastinate. I have learned it is important to stay balanced and be okay with things not going according to plan.

Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee.
— Unknown (post on Miranda's website)

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