June 2019 | Who is Making Moves ?


I am very excited to feature my friend Holly Bird in this month’s Who’s Making Move’s feature. I have got to know Holly through social media Facebook and Twitter. I have had the pleasure to follow and celebrate Holly’s book release Shaken Dreams and her excerpt in the 52 Week Gratitude Journal. You can also keep with Holly via her blog HollysBirdsNest.com.Holly is a widow, mom , step-mom and a grandmother times two. Holly is a Arizona native and loves watching the area grow and change, she is addicted to never wanting to miss out on anything.

Holly Bird, International Best Selling Author

Holly Bird, International Best Selling Author

Let’s hear from Holly…

Sharon : What has been your most satisfying moment in your profession ?  

Holly : The day my book Shaken Dreams was published, I knew that I could help so many families that are struggling with a family member that has a chronic illness

Sharon : How did you decide on your website name?

Holly: My last name being Bird..no matter where I lived I would call my home my nest, where I raised all my little birds.

Sharon : How do you generate new ideas or goals?

Holly: Most of my ideas come from my experience as a family mentor and life coach, I gave dealt with 100's of families through medical and emotional traumas. I have years of journals and outlines of classes and motivational symposiums that I spoke at..and of course..my life, living a multi-generational life with 4 generations always sparks ideas!

Sharon : What are your best skill?

Holly: Listening is my best skill, it helps me with the others, communicating and Loving.

Sharon : How long do you stick with an idea or product before giving up?

Holly: I never give up, sometimes I put things on the back burner if it is not working out the way I planned, and think about how I can make it better.I always say you never fail if you make something a goal...and you have your whole life to reach your goals, some we just reach quicker than others.

Sharon : Describe/outline your typical day?

Holly: As I have aged, and having multiple autoimmune problems, I never have a typical day. My family comes first I have a grandson who lives with me who ha autism, so we are usually up by 6 and once he is off to school I work on my blog and my other writing projects. He get’s home by 2:30...and doesn't usually stop until 9pm.

Sharon : What motivates you?

Holly: My family is my biggest motivation with 1 daughter, 4 stepchildren and 2 grandchildren, my life is full and inspiring!

Sharon : How has being a blogger affected your life?

Holly: My lifestyle blog started as a way to introduce people to my life so they would know more about me and my life so when I would publish my books and stories I would have a place to share!

Sharon : What is your greatest fear and how do you manage fear?

Holly: This is a difficult question for me, I truly try not to fear things that I cannot control.But something that I recently have been working on is going live on social media, and doing interviews..scares me to death!

Sharon : What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what have you learned from them?

Holly: I have made many mistakes in my life and the reason I know they were mistakes because what I learn from them affects me deeply, and helps me to be a better person and to know that no one is perfect, I always forgive myself, and try to move on!

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