Solo Travel...Perks and Tips

Last week my post was about the ways life can improve after divorce. After my divorce I ventured out to do some traveling, I have yet to travel and vacation alone but I am planning to do it soon. You may think it’s going to be weird or odd to travel alone, but hear me out the below tips and perks have me excited for my adventures.

Perks of traveling solo...

When traveling alone it is great to do what you want to do, time-wise and money-wise. I am the first to arrange get-together’s with friends but there are definite perks to just waking up and doing what you want with your day! Starting your days with a work-out, sitting around with a good book or spending a ton dinner at a spot you saw on the Food Network or deciding to spend $8 on a Chipotle bowl, all without negotiation or question. Traveling alone and being approachable as you do, also opens you up to meeting cool new people and perhaps your next special someone.


Tips for traveling solo…

Other travelers are the friendliest, only exception I have found are tired travelers waiting for the luggage carousel 😜. Elevator chat is the best, I always wear my favorite sports team or a souvenirs from other trips, people always comment or drum up conversation , just as I do when I see people wearing conversational clothing. I will admit I am a outgoing person but I can sense when people respond with stiffness and if that is the case, then the compliment or comment is where the chit chat ends. I definitely have had way more great conversions than stiff abrupt responses from strangers. I am forever grateful to have received some of the best restaurant recommendations, book recommendations and high fives from this easy travel chit chat.

As an only child I love my independence but for those of you who are thinking of embarking on a solo traveling adventure, just remember you won’t know how good or even how awful the trip could be, unless you go for it!