Calling All Readers and Book Bloggers

So excited about 2019 and wanted to share a few things reading related.

Book Challenge I am Doing for 2019

I am looking forward to completing Edel Pace’s 2019 Reading Challenge it is an interesting mix and I anticipate it will challenge me 1) to find a book that fits the category and 2) to make sure it matches my taste in books. I will keep you updated!

Book Review Collaborations

I socialize with Eline of Lovely Audiobooks and Jo of on Facebook page Pinterest Repin for Book Bloggers and both ladies recently posted about their link up collaborations, so I decided to join their efforts. If you are interested click on any of the links or photos they will take you to the ladies blogs so you can see the collaboration details.

Jo’s    Booktastic Thursday    Link It Up

Jo’s Booktastic Thursday Link It Up

Tell us what you are reading or listening to below. As well as where you are hanging out to read book reviews and get where you like to get your book recommendations from.