Items To Help You Remember Your Most Gratifying Moments of 2019

Why should you track...

Life is fast paced, if we don’t keep track our most gratifying moments we may forget them.

Reflecting on the good times during tough times gives us perspective and reminds us we withstood the turbulence.

How to keep track... 

A Journal

I bought a journal this year for 2 reasons, my blogger buddy Holly Bird is Week 21 and this 52 -Week journal has three cool aspects, see below…

  • A weekly story

  • A weekly coloring page

  • A weekly journal entry page

I have attached other versions- a sticker version and a plain journal, just click the photos they link you to these wonderful Amazon items.

Gratitude Jar

I am a huge fan for this. I did the DIY version for 2017, 2018 and I am doing it again this year. I did order the store bought version, since this is my go to way to track my gratitude.

Quick DIY Gratitude Jar Idea


Store bought gratitude jar that made Oprah’s 2017 List of Favorite Things

#BeingGrateful #GratitudeJar #OprahsFavoriteThings

Tell me how you like to track your Most GRATIFYING moments!