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So happy fellow blogger Jaleysa from https://pinkberetgirls.wordpress.com agreed to participate in the Who’s Making Moves series. Jaleysa is a 28 year old mom of five and has been married to her best friend for seven years (#RelationshipGoals). She and her family live in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking and she loves doing anything DIY related.. 


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Sharon: How did you decide on your site / business name?

Jaleysa: So we (my husband and I) decided on the URL first, which is Pink Beret Girls, to coincide with the girls foundation he's starting here in Denver. I initially started writing to uplift just girls, but I saw a need for women and young ladies as well, so it's all included..The GirlTalk name seemed a little more catchy so I stuck with that lol..

Sharon: How do you build a successful base?

Jaleysa: I honestly think building a successful base comes from being honest with yourself and others. It also helps to have people around you that understand your vision and can help put the pieces together.

Sharon: How do you generate new ideas?

Jaleysa: I usually write what comes to me, but alot of my content comes from talking to my kids. I have 4 girls and with my oldest two being 12 and 10, they're in that phase where we have to have real conversations. I also get a lot of ideas from movies I watch or songs I hear. My interview aspect comes from just surfing Instagram and reading a lot. I try to find women and girls that line up with what I'm doing and have a story to tell.

Sharon: What are your top three skills ?

Jaleysa: I would say writing, creating and cooking.

Sharon: How long do you stick with an idea or product before giving up?

Jaleysa: I try really hard not to give up on things. I'm one of those people that becomes consumed if I'm doing something I really like. I'm a perfectionist so I'm gonna figure it out somehow or it will drive me crazy.

Sharon: Describe/outline your typical day?

Jaleysa: Oh boy lol.. My day usually starts when either my 4 year old wakes up and starts talking extra loud, or my 1 year old has his foot in my face (he refused to sleep in his own bed lol). Then I'm usually cleaning or running errands with my husband, who runs his own business. I also help my friend with her ministry events. Then it's dinner and my kids end up in their own sections of the house lol.

Sharon: What motivates you?

Jaleysa: My kids, and my inability to not be a perfectionist.

Sharon: How has being an blogger affected your life and/or family life? 

Jaleysa: I think it's been positive overall. I do spend a lot of time editing and making sure my images are perfect, but my husband encourages it. He says if I'm gonna do it then I should go all in. My kids enjoy it especially when I interview people that send them things lol.

Sharon: What is your greatest fear and how do you manage fear?

Jaleysa: My greatest fear is somehow being inadequate or feeling like I haven't done enough. I guess I manage this by putting all I have into what I do, or least put my stamp on it in some way.

Sharon: What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what have you learned from them?  

Jaleysa: I think the biggest mistake I've made and I'm still trying to correct, is placing my value of myself with others. By this I mean, sometimes I allow others opinions to dictate if I feel like I've accomplished something or done well. It's something I've done since I was younger but I'm making an effort to change that mindset.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know Jaleysa, check out her website and connect with her on her social media!