7 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Holidays

Hope of some of my favorite things to give and receive help make shopping for the holiday (even upcoming birthdays) a little easier and enjoyable for you. Happy Gift Giving ❤️

1.Project Repat T-Shirt Blanket

Great way to declutter your draws and a unique way to repurpose your great memories. Project Repat.

My 2017 Race Throw

My 2017 Race Throw

2.Runner Jewelry - Lift Your Sole

3. DIY Projects

Christmas Tree Ornaments are an easy festive craft to do with the kids or solo. I make a few each year and they are always hit! Materials for DIY are at any craft store even the Dollartree. For crafts beware with coupons Michael’s and AC Moore in most cases offer better deals than Dollartree.

 Shadow Boxing  

This is a wonderful way to preserve your loved ones memories and accomplishments. The DIY aspect is always a hit with the gift recipient! The shadow boxes can be picked up at any craft store or even Super Wal-Mart.


5. Books and Audiobooks 

For any reading enthusiast e-certificates for audiobooks and gift cards for books are such a thoughtful gift. Amazon and Barnes and Nobles have you covered.

6.The Gift of Self-Care 

A manicure and a festive holiday polish is an excellent gift for the busy lady in your life. Click the picture below to order OPI Tinker Tinker Winker from OPI’s new 2018 Holiday Collection.

OPI’s Nutcracker Holiday line has something for everyone ❤️

OPI’s Nutcracker Holiday line has something for everyone ❤️

A massage is a fantastic unisex gift for anyone you want to pamper and relax. Check out Groupon for some phenomenal deals to help you make this happen for your loved one.


7. Fan Favorites

Sporting event tickets are the gift that makes two great memories GIVING & GOING. Click the photo below to check-out the great deal ACE TICKET is offering this holiday season.

Gift fan apparel, so your loved one is ready for the game whether it’s live or they are repping their team on casual Friday. TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Burlington have great deals on team apparel.

Celtics Red Sox Bruins Patriots Fan Apparel

Hope my suggestions help you plow through your Holiday Shopping! Happy Holidays and feel free to share below if any of these inspired you.