A-Z Affirmations


A - Aspire to do more

B -  Be the best version of yourself always

C -  Care for others in the way you want to be cared for

D - Dig deep for strength to move forward   

E -  Explore your interests 

F - Find it in your heart to always forgive

G - Gratefulness is an important virtue 

H - Happiness is the best mindset  

I - Inspire others when given the chance

J - Juggle only the “A” priorities 

K - Kindness makes the world a better place

L - Loyalty to friends is important  

M - Make lasting memories 

N - Nuture when the opportunity presents itself

O - Opportunity is always knocking you just need to answer

P - Patience brings about understanding 

Q - Quality relationships are sustainable relationships 

R - Respect others opinions  

S - Sense and respond to others needs

T - Trust your instincts  

U - Unique perspectives make interesting conversations 

V - Vulnerability is part of transparency  

W - Wishful thinking won’t help you meet your goals

X - XOXOXO’s make everything better 😘

Y - Your age is only a state of mind

Z - Zestfully living life is living your best life