To Reading Challenge or Not To Reading Challenge…

Do you do reading challenges? Or do you just pick titles that interest you?2019 is my first attempt at a reading challenge, I am doing 2 actually. I discovered Goodreads this year and gave myself a goal of 100 books. And on December 29, 2018 a blogger I follow posted a reading challenge. Edel’s 2019 Reading Challenge  looked like a interesting mix of genres’ that I thought would broaden my reading genre preferences. Since I solely listen to audiobooks books at a pace of 1-2 per week I felt this challenge seemed truly attainable. So far I have listened to 47 out of the 52 books Edel suggested, but the challenge is not going entirely as I expected. See my pro’s and con’s below.


  • Would have never listened to and loved a Pulitzer Prize winning title,The GoldFinch

  • Discovered the genre Christian fiction,Lawfully Pursued

  • Researched how to self-publish a book inspired by (Still Alice) the self-published book I listened to.

  • Discovered I will listen to a book based on a great cover PERIOD LOL..Mister Bodyguard & Providence

  • Listened my favorite book EVER, Small Great Things Jodi Picoult never fails to amaze me

  • Discovered the James Patterson mystery series Private 


  • Having to sticking with a audiobook even though it is not your cup of tea for the sake of the challenge

  • Researching and finding a title that interests you in a particular category takes time away from actually listening to the book

  • Feeling rushed through a audiobook to get to the next category on the challenge

  • The challenge seems to takes the “Escape” & “Relaxing Factor” out of audiobooks

  • Having to sideline titles that interest you to stay on task to the challenge

What you are reading or listening to? And where you are hanging out to read book reviews and get book recommendations ? While you are here check out my Listening Book Club TitleS.