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Edel Pace says, "I like the description of me I have on Twitter, sums it all well: Mom. Wife. Wanderlust fool. Coffee lover. Book-reading twit. Insulin junkie. Positive thinker. Jesus Christ Believer. Blogger."

Edel Pace says, "I like the description of me I have on Twitter, sums it all well: Mom. Wife. Wanderlust fool. Coffee lover. Book-reading twit. Insulin junkie. Positive thinker. Jesus Christ Believer. Blogger."


Edel is passionate about her family, learning, helping others, and now her blog. She love's to read, it transports her to other places and feeds her mind. She is a foodie by nature, especially Honduran food made by her grandmother. Writing is something Edel is passionate about and working towards getting better at. She likes to exercise regularly, a girl after my own heart! LOL Wish we were closer to do it together.

She is originally from Honduras and move to USA 7 years ago. Edel's first language is Spanish. She joined Toastmasters to overcome her fear of public speaking and learn how to do it correctly.

Edel is a blogger who makes a true effort to engage her readers and her fellow bloggers. She is my "Fairy Blog Mother". I met Edel on Facebook April 2018. She has befriended and helped me more than she will ever realize. Bloggers supporting other bloggers is just as important as the blogs themselves that's how you get people to your site to enjoy and connect with your content. Edel does that for me and so many other bloggers. It is through her example I am passionate about supporting other bloggers and entrepreneurs.



Sharon: How did you decide on your site name and blog name?

Edel: The website is my name edelpace.com because the name I wanted was not available. After some thought I decided to use my name in case later I incorporate a business or diversify the blog.

The blog’s name is Pacemaker. One night my husband jokingly said I was a “pace making machine” referring my twins. So I said, yes I am a Pace-maker. Since then it was added to my collection of nicknames.

Additional reasons:

  • Pace also means consistent and continuous speed in walking, running, or moving. Hence my slogan, Live your life at your own pace.

  • The quote: “Let your self-image be the pacemaker of your heart, your mind, and soul.” by Og Mandino.

  • The word pace comes from the Latin pax meaning “in peace”. We should be at peace and give peace.

  • Lastly, the word of God calls us to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). Remember, peace is also pace, peacemaker = pacemaker.

More info: https://edelpace.com/why-the-name-pacemaker-blog/

Sharon: How do you build a successful base?

Edel: Interacting with people. When you give love, you receive love. The first two months of my blogging journey I could hear crickets. No activity at all. I was afraid of showing my work. At the beginning of this year I decided to stop that mentality and just put myself out there. Started sharing and networking with other bloggers. As a result, the traffic started growing and got subscribers. Not in the big leagues yet, but I will get there.

Sharon: How do you generate new ideas?

Edel: Mostly, from every day life. From talking to people, reading, even from the comments readers leave on my posts.

Sharon: What are your top three skills ?


  1. My creativity, it helps me think outside the box and in solving problems

  2. Resourcefulness, I always try to find a way

  3. I’m a quick learner, since I don’t know everything, I research everything. I like to learn new things and everything that can help me achieve my goal


Sharon: How long do you stick with an idea or product before giving up?

Edel: Until it proves it’s a bad idea. (Sharon: Couldn't agree more!)

Sharon: Describe/outline your typical day?

Edel: Not single day is the same. I will outline what a “normal” day could be like, or at least I wish it be:

Wake up, prayer, coffee, check phone, babies wake up, do morning routine with them, breakfast, play time with babies/school work with son, lunch, nap time for babies/me time - usually use this time to do stuff for the blog/School planning for son or nap if the night before was a no-sleep, babies wake up, snack, outside play, dinner, family time: play/watch a movie (Disney movie of course), Night Time routine, bedtime for kids, reading time for me/work on computer, zzzz time until I’m wake up by a baby crying.

**the house cleans itself lol, I wish. In between doing things the house gets clean, most often after kids go to bed.

Sharon: What motivates you?

Edel: My kids, I want to show them that they are capable to do whatever they want. That nothing limits them but the limitations they set. Also, doing something for me, like the blog, is a way to stay “active”. We, society, have the misconception that stay-at-home-moms just take care of the kids and the house and they don’t offer anything else.

Sharon: How has being a blogger affected your life and your family life?

Edel: Blogging is time consuming and yes takes time from my family, but I have their support because they understand is a personal project that makes me happy. There are days when I cannot work on anything related to the blog and that’s ok. It is about balance and not losing focus of what is important. Having a blog from where I can make a living out of is great but I don’t want it to take me away from my family.


Sharon: What is your greatest fear and how do you manage fear?

Edel: That my content is not good enough. I try and do my best to better my writing and provide posts that are interesting to my readers. I believe the only way to overcome it is to do what you are afraid of, in this case continue to write, show up and promote my content.


Sharon: What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what have you learned from them?

Edel: When I launch my blog, back in November 2017, I didn’t know what I was doing. Yes, I knew I wanted to blog but was not aware of how. I started posting content but was not promoting it. I would say that was my biggest mistake in blogging: Not promoting my blog. Interacting with other bloggers showed me that I’m not alone and that we are a community and we support each other.  I’m shy by nature so getting out of my shell was not easy for me. I’m still shy, however I feel more and more comfortable in my "www.com space". 


Hope you enjoyed getting to know Edel, check out her website and connect with her on her social media!