Who is Making Moves

Anthony L. Sanders Sr.

be Woke Enterprises


Anthony is 46 and lives Providence, RI.

with his beautiful wife and children.

Along with is passion for family and friends

Anthony enjoys the HUSTLE ...Hustling is Life!


Family time !

Family time !

Anthony is one of the founding members of We Run This Town,as well as the lead designer for the team apparel.See their mission statement below.

The We Run This Town running group was established in 2011 to promote fitness, walking & running as a healthy lifestyle for individuals of all abilities through camaraderie, education, group training and participation in local running events in the New England area (RI, Massachusetts and Connecticut).
The We Run This Town group’s primary focus is to improve & promote healthy lifestyles within the minority population but our group is an ALL inclusive group which welcomes members of all ethnicities & sexual orientation. The group’s secondary focus is to promote & educate our members on making healthier meal choices.
The WRTT will also serve as a support group for its members through weekly group walk/runs; by providing online resources; & online chat groups & forums.
We Run This Town team apparel.

We Run This Town team apparel.

Team apparel

Team apparel

Team apparel

Team apparel

Anthony enjoys running races. He has ran 5 Marathons (26.2 miles) and so many 5k's (3.1 miles) and Half marathons (13.1 miles) he has lost track LOL. Anthony is now a triathlete and has done 10 Triathlons.Triathlons consist of doing swimming, cycling, and running over various distances.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Anthony's Boston Marathon finish!

Anthony's Boston Marathon finish!



Podium time!!!!

Podium time!!!!




Sharon: How did you decide on your business name?

Anthony: I came up with the name “Be Woke” because it’s a fancy saying for be informed. 

Sharon: What does your business do?


Anthony: Be Woke Enterprises does a little bit of everything. We offer business consulting, SWOT analysis, strategic planning, promotional items, logo design, & custom apparel. Our motto: "Be Woke Be Like You!"

Sharon: How do you build a successful base?

Anthony: My customer base is built primarily from social media, word of mouth, friends, & self promotion(worn designs).

Sharon: How do you generate new ideas?

Anthony: The concepts for the ideas normally come while I’m working out.

Sharon: What are your top three skills?

Anthony: Organized, efficient, & detail oriented

Sharon: How long do you stick with an idea or product before giving up?

Anthony: I always see ideas & projects through. Sometimes they’re hot & sometimes they’re not
Sharon: Describe/outline your typical day?

Anthony: My typical day starts with my government job. A mid day break for the hustle, then time with the family.

Sharon: What motivates you?

Anthony: What motivates me most is improvement. Seeing something that started out as a concept come to life.

Sharon: How has being an entrepreneur and/or blogger affected your life and/or family life?

Anthony: Being an entrepreneur has helped me in my regular business life. It’s helped me to be more customer focused & solution driven.

Sharon: What is your greatest fear and how do you manage fear?

Anthony: My biggest fear is staying STAGNANT. If you’re not growing you’re dying.

Sharon: What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what have you learned from them? 

Anthony: One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in business is that I didn’t pay attention to the fine print of a contract. I trusted someone else to make sure my interests were covered. It was a small price to pay (an extra $97.72) but it was a lesson that more could’ve been loss.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know Anthony, check out him out on social media!