How-To Internet Date Efficiently

As a divorcée I utilize internet dating sites to fit dating into my busy working mom schedule. Make note the below thoughts are those of a mid-forties female (Me).  

  • Profile

There is always a ton of focus on the profile. Pictures are important, the more the better and recent pictures! Mix it up head shots, activity shots and yes full body shots, even if you aren’t where you want to be physically don't rob the world of your fantastic spirit. A written bio needs to be posted, not a book, just thoughtful one. If your potential suitor doesn't have a profile beware that you will have to do all the talking. Always remain positive and upbeat in your profile, if you’re finding that difficult then you may not be ready to get out there. 

  • Site

Just because a site does tons of advertising don't assume it's the best. Try OkCupid it's free and it will help you get your feet wet in the internet dating scene. Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and Bumble App  are very fun and reasonably priced. I also suggest only do one site at a time. Doing multiple sites at a time is like a part-time job so unless you have that time to invest beware. Also be cautious of faces you see on both sites, they may just like the chase not actually getting out there and dating. And lastly, just stay for 30 days then try another site, free offers to stay is only a way to generate money for the site. 

  • When to Post Your Profile

Best times to hit the dating sites is the first Sunday after New Years Day until Valentines Day. All the fresh outlooks and new resolves for a new me in the new year thoughts are in your favor. Another good time frame is Spring / Summer. The days are longer, people are in better moods and more casual activities to try on a first date, like walks in the park and free lawn concerts. Spring / Summer dating leads to getting more serious in the colder months.

  • The Meet & Greet

Always be ready to meet face to face within 7 days of chatting on the site and texting. Yes, have your outfit and your nails ready! Meet at a neutral public place, halfway for the both of you, they don't need your address this early in the get to know you process. Beware if your potential suitor can’t find the time to meet you. Genuine people looking for a relationship make the effort. 

  • Trust your gut!

If the person you've been chatting with and even met for coffee isn’t remaining interesting, don't feel bad KEEP IT MOVING. Get back to the site, you’ve committed to finding your special someone and most definitely that person you were getting to know is doing the same. Don’t take it personal when you see them on the site. Internet dating offers a lot of visual choices, sometimes people rather browse and daydream versus actually get out there to find their special someone. Believe there is your perfectly imperfect someone out there waiting for you!