New to Fitness : Getting Ready to Start Moving


Planning and getting ready to start moving is a big decision, KUDOS!!! I learned a few tips when I started exercising to qualify for my weight-loss surgery. These tips helped me adopt and stick to a routine. I still reference the tips to this day whenever I am lacking motivation.

A few tips that never fail me :

  • Have on comfortable footwear, your feet are your actual gym for the next 30 minutes
  • Have a comfortable outfit on, even if you have to buy something in a size you are not pleased with, do it, worrying about a rolling down waistline or a sports bra being to tight will not lead to a comfortable outing 
  • Bring 2 bottles of water, drink 1 during your activity and drink 1 after (great way to ensure you get your daily intake as well)
  • Bring entertainment a couple of options - earbuds, your CHARGED phone or MP3 player, a book or magazine if you are headed to a gym setting
  • Start off at a slow pace. To gauge this, mouth the words of the song your listening to or make sure you can comprehend while reading your book or magazine

Thirty (30) minutes of cardio, at least three (3) times a week is the basic beginner goal. Stay consistent for 30 days, then for 60 days and then by 90 days it will be part of your routine and a habit. Stick to that consistent basic goal. Eventually your body will find your current routine easier and easier then you will have to look at adding more days per week and /or longer time goals. 

No matter what you are doing, you are beating the old you, who wasn’t getting out there! 

P.S.: Organize your gear to make it easy to find or pack


No better day to start, then today!!!