Cake! Cake! Cake!

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday! Congratulations to me for making it another year! I love birthdays...mine and everyone else’s. I look forward to celebrating with my mom who gave me life, with my son who makes my life so full and interesting and with friends who entertain and encourage me!  

I won’t lie it pains me to grow older however I feel each birthday that arrives and that passes is special. 3/17 is my personal New Years Day! I take time to reflect on the previous years accomplishments and set some goals for “46”.  I share my birthday with St. Patrick’s Day and I have never really embraced that! I was the little black girl in elementary school everyone would ask during the St. Patrick’s Day class party “Are you Irish?” Me - “Ha! No!” I just wanted snack cupcakes to be about me, not St. Patrick’s Day and my birthday

Who knew I would be given a life lesson at birth - I would have to learn to share, my birthday with the Irish holiday versus having the day all to myself. Thank goodness I do enjoy corned beef and cabbage and four-leaf clovers, enjoy your St. Paddy’s Day everyone!



Birthday girl style 

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