Diaries of a Reformed Shopaholic - Part 2


Once I decided I wanted to change my Shopaholic ways (Part 1). Getting cleaned up and organized was not a quick overnight process.


Try these 3  very manageable steps

  1. Decide what stays

  2. Figure out how to get rid of what needs to go

  3. Then EXECUTE


Deciding What Stays

First, I trashed anything that was damaged, then anything with pills and anything that looked worn. Next was items that didn't fit, defined as too big or too small, as well as ill fitting items. Then I had to evaluate my “must-have” categories, for me that is Work Clothes - business casual and jeans, Event Clothes - items for weddings, church on Easter and Christmas Eve, gym gear and pajamas. Once I established my categories I built entire outfits to include clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Once that project was accomplished I made piles of what had to go.



 6 Ways to get rid of excess Clothing

  1. Poshmark or Ebay for name brand mint condition items

  2. Consignment Shops if you don't want to take pictures and manage the selling process

  3. THRED UP is a huge on-line resale shop (better for store credit than cash payout)

  4. Giving items to family or friends

  5. Salvation Army, Big Brother Big Sister or similar charity driven resale shops

  6. Random clothing donation bins in your community




 This process for me was a New Years Resolution (2016). Establishing your NEEDS is a big part of the process. I landed on 4 categories, that will differ from person to person. This will also change with a career change, professional corporate environment to a uniform environment. My place of business went from a professional corporate environment to wear jeans to work environment. I saved my business suits and professional dresses in collapsible storage bags in case my work situation ever changes. I also decided to take all  the hangers in my closet and reverse the direction (see below) and whatever was not reversed by June I evaluated why I had not worn the item. If a plausible reason didn't present itself , then I would get rid of  the item with one of the 6 options above.



As I stated in the beginning of this post Getting cleaned up is not a quick overnight process. If you really want to make a change from your old SHOPAHOLIC ways its very important to know what you have, to help you make better buying decisions.

The Final part of this series will be how I have been maintaining my Reformed Shopaholic status.