Valued Friendships vs. Warm Body Friendships

What Type of Friendship Do You Need or Prefer?

This post is not to place more importance on one version of friendship over another but to perhaps help you identify which version you need or prefer .

Pros of Warm Body Friendships  

  • They provide an easy distraction for your already hectic and complicated life

  • They give you someone to share interests with, that your spouse, family or close friends don’t share

  • They can be a simple lunch or shopping buddy for your lunch hour

  • They are great to vibe with about current events and sports

  • They can be friends to those who find it hard to open up and let others in


Pros of Valued and Intimate Friendships 

  • These friends are the family we choose

  • They are the people you miss and strive to make time to visit, because you fill each other up

  • They are the people you want to share a problem with because you know they will add value and perspective

  • This type of friend will have the tough conversations with you, not always telling you what you want to hear

  • They are friends who you have lost touch with due to life circumstances but when you reconnect it’s like no time has passed at all

Both types of these friendships are important to me. I have a dependent personality, placing a lot of thought and energy into my friends . My personality is an extrovert and a people person, these are traits I am typically proud of, but as I have matured I found I was over-attending to others and accepting little to nothing in return. Having more casual friendships allows less investment but all the perks of friendship. 


Please share your thoughts on this post below. Thanks for reading!