Tips to Make Saying No Easier

I got a wonderful comment from a reader after she read my post Get Over Your Fear Of The Word “No”. She commented she had trouble hearing no, as well as saying no, so I decided to follow-up my October post with Tips to Make Saying No Easier. 


Establish a few checks and balances when considering a yes or no

  • Why are you being asked? Are you just the go-to person

  • Is it actually your turn to contribute? If so, your yes needs stronger consideration

  • If your yes is forced, evaluate why you are not more genuine in this situation i.e. in a demanding friendship or an activity you lack passion for now, if applicable, make an exit plan

  • Your yes’ need to be prioritized around you and your beloved love ones

Ways to soften the blow of a much needed no

  • Offer an alternative solution that truly helps

  • When delivering the much needed no, offer up when you are free to say an enthusiastic yes! My friend does this well, she enthusiastically says “Can I get a rain-check?” 🤗

  • Be honest and articulate why you have say no, even the uncomfortable stuff like lack of cash or mental health issues

It’s important to learn the “Art of Saying No.” Saying no to others may be the only way to grab those extra moments for self-care and to recharge our own well being. Take it from this “People Pleaser” learning to say no is an important skill you need to learn and perfect.