Benefits of Volunteering Abroad Guest Post by: Astrid Halliday

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad


Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad 

Learning more from culture and integrating with locals all whilst making a real difference to a community. There is no surprise that volunteering abroad is booming in popularity. There are many reasons people are opting for this way of travel:


Give Back And Help Others

Whilst volunteering may not be the most luxurious or glamorous job in the world, it can be one of the most fulfilling and meaningful jobs ever. Getting to witness the change you are making to a community and with charities first hand. Taking time out of your day-to-day life to help others and volunteer provides time to reflect and not get caught up in the little things which seem important, putting things in perspective.

Choosing to volunteer abroad also provides an opportunity to get away from the every-day stresses in life, away from work and school or stepping away from your personal life. Allowing time to gain a better perspective and evolve as a person, miles away from the things which add stress to your life.

Gain New Experiences

Volunteering is rising in popularity and there are ever increasing new ways to help. The traditional forms remain of building schools and teaching English; however, volunteering isn’t limited to this. Volunteering now comes in all different shapes and sizes, developing communities, caring for animals, marine conservation or even helping with health care abroad. Often there is no requirement for prior experience, volunteering abroad is a great way to gain skill or try out different area of work. 

Volunteers wanting to gain a specific skill can easily find a niche project where they can dive into learning in the area. No matter the volunteer project, all volunteers gain transferable skills like teamwork, confidence and communication skills, there are also opportunities to take on more of a leadership role and gain organizations and managing skills.

The dreaded writing process of college applications and resumes is something that everyone experiences in their lives. The world is a competitive place, with everyone wanting to get into the best college and grab the best job. Volunteering is a great attribute to have on your application and resume. Volunteering helps to stand out from the crowd. It shows motivation and passion!

Hassle Free Travel

Organizations prepare structured programs for those who are looking to help overseas. These organisations can help with every aspect of your volunteering from long before departure right through to during your stay. It is always best to contact an organization and speak with an experienced project advisors, they may find a suitable project somewhere in a destination you would not have previously considered.

Volunteer sending organizations provide an opportunity to give back and feel good, whilst seeing a new part of the world. Travelling overseas is often associated with breaking the bank but it doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many organizations offering affordable trips to destinations around the world, offering a more real and rustic side of a county and volunteers getting closer to local people, working with them every day.

 Meet New People

Volunteering allows travelers to meet a wide variety of like-minded people from all different walks of life. Often meeting people, they may have never met back home in their normal day-to-day life. It is not uncommon for volunteers to make friendships which last a lifetime, it is hard to spend 24/7 together and not make a deep connection.


Please share your stories and insights below … have you ever volunteered abroad or do you aspire to? Many thanks to Astrid for sharing this piece on volunteering abroad with

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