What You Bring to a Relationship According to Your Enneagram Type

Some people believe that falling in love will be like a romantic movie, where in one quick moment you fall (possibly literally) into the arms of your soulmate, and the rest is history. It might not be as simple as that in real life, but there are simple ways to determine what our perfect match or soulmate might look like. One such way is to take the Enneagram Test and discover your personality type. If you have not done the Enneagram Test. Whether you are in a relationship or like me aspiring for a relationship the  Enneagram Test and this Enneagram romantic compatibility post, with its visuals will be great tools to help you understand your current relationship or what may suit you in a future relationship.

While there is no perfect match for any particular type, Nici Bentivegna ,Outreach Specialist and the team at
Gifts.com put together this Enneagram romantic compatibility guide to see which types might have the most romantic success. They’ve analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the nine Enneagram types, and looked for other types that have characteristics that would complement those. If both partners in a relationship have strong self-awareness and are willing to put in work, then no two types are particularly doomed for failure. Nici reached out to me after reading a post I did last August on Enneagram Testing and thought we might enjoy the romantic compatibility visuals.


Hope you enjoyed our post!!! Many thanks to Nici for reaching out to me 💕

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