Ready To Increase Your Activities ?

This post is a follow up to my earlier post New to Fitness : Getting Ready to Start Moving. If you feel ready to increase your activities, explore what interests you. I saw others biking, rollerblading and running while I walked on the beautiful bike paths of Rhode Island, so I started there. 

  • Biking
I was doing my grocery shopping at Super Walmart when I spotted a huge, comfortable, hot pink bicycle on the front sidewalk. It was $99 so I went for it. It had been years since I went biking riding. Once I got back out there it was amazing until the hills LOL. Once I was sure of myself, my son went with me and we bike for miles. A friend of mine asked me to ride with her as she did part of a virtual bike fundraiser, chatting away with my friend while biking was BEST! I also enjoy biking solo, Rhode Island has so many gorgeous biking options, I highly recommend taking up biking for the scenery alone.
  • Skating
Next I laced up my roller blades. I really enjoy indoor skating but the unpredictably of outdoor terrain was unnerving for me because I already have knee problems. Writing this reminds me indoor roller-skating rinks are a great Winter and rainy day ways to get moving!
  • Cross-Fit Class
This group class was at a women's only facility. I usually get very nervous in a group fitness setting. The instructor says right I go left, what if I can't keep up, etc. etc. My friend who invited me promised I would be fine and I was. This gym did a excellent job modifying for newcomers and plus-size attendees. Be fearless and try a group class or see what classes your friends are loving and tag-a-long. 

It's important to listen to your body, start off slowly and modify if necessary. If you have made the decision to increase your activities make sure you get a gym membership. The YMCA is wonderful however the hours and cost were an obstacle for me as single head of household. Most Planet Fitness locations have 24/5 hours and its $10, or $20 if you want access to all their locations, to bring a friend and to use of their divine HydroMassage Bed or Lounger. No matter how you decide to get moving enjoy your friendship with fitness and activity. It is not about what the scale says, it's about getting out there, even being social but most importantly enjoying yourself!